Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to the past... HMS Belfast.

August 6th - A lazy sleep in today as our body clocks try to acclimatize to the local time. Slowly getting there!

Shower/Starbucks/bus/tube and off at South Kensington Station for our transfer to the District line & Eastbound to Monument station where we walked across the London Bridge to today's destination, the Imperial War Museum's HMS Belfast anchored/moored in the Thames River.
Kelly and Kris on the London Bridge. Tower Bridge and the Belfast in the distance.
As we walked along shoreline we felt some dehydration coming on so we found the Horniman At Hay pub to replenish important fluids and grab lunch. We also enjoyed great views of the Belfast and the surrounding waterfront.

HMS Belfast... a floating museum in the heart of the city.
Kelly on the foredeck. State of the art when it was retired in 1963... a few years after I was born!

We are taking a break today... no pub dinner! Off to a very funky pizza place in the London Borough of Southwark. This is just east of the London Tower Bridge.

Looking up towards the Southwark area... very nice.. and expensive!
Following dinner we had a nice walk over the Tower Bridge. We continued on down the shore walk in front of the Tower of London.  Very nice evening as we walk our way back to Monument tube station. Look! A pub! Well not just any pub, this is the Hung, Drawn & Quartered Pub... Perfect:-)

Tower Bridge

Kris wondering if there are any rooms at the Tower of London :-)

Modern building in the old style... very neat design.
The Tower of London was closed so that will be on our agenda for tomorrow. A painless trip back to the airport hotel and we called it a day.... dragging our heels again :-)  Message to self: Set wake up alarm!

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