Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Tower!

Up early to shower, pack and head downtown to Green Park. Our Holiday Inn Hotel is  close by and we hoped to check in early and unpack and start exploring the local area.  Kelly worked her magic and we were happily upgraded to an Executive Suite!

Kris also moved hotels to the Marriott near South Kensington but its easy to stay in touch with the smart phones. He picked up his suit today as well.
Some of the great new/old architecture close to the hotel.

This is the building that houses the clothing store Hackett.. amongst other things :-)
 Lunch/brunch at the Clarence then off to the Tower of London....

Life as a king in the 16th century!

Line up to view the Crown Jewels.

20 minute wait... not so bad!

Going in!!

So close....  :-)


Incredible displays of Armour!

"I'll take a large please."

This collar was used to inflict incredible pain to those selected...

Kelly Please read the sign carefully! :-)

The shop at the end of the armories tour had this sign... I will not show you the model but you could buy it :-)

Outside the gates of the London Tower.

Looking at both the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.
Decided it was time for a non pub meal .... Well we ended up walking across the tower bridge once again and then on to Hornimans for a couple pints of Stella Black.  Kelly had the Pimms and really enjoyed the flavor. Like drinking a fruit salad with alcohol -)
Kelly resting here eye lids as Kris and I rehydrate.
 Kelly spotted a nice place just west of the pub called the Cote Brasserie. Our table was right on the Thames and the food was delicious! Ambiance was incredible as we sat with French, Dutch, German, Italian and English folks. Kris made reservations via iPhone for our dinner tomorrow night close by our hotel.. Well four blocks away... . but  that is not far here. ;-)

After dinner we headed to the Toucan Pub in Soho... Lets just say the night ended in Soho!  Great fun!
Off to the Toucan for some Guinness! Great spot in Soho.

Pretty straight forward I think :-)
Big plans for tomorrow .... I've just forgotten what they were :-)

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