Friday, August 9, 2013

Trains, planes and... well... more planes!

Up early as Kris & I are planning a professional shave at the oldest barbershop in town..built in 1805 no less. He stopped at our hotel to drop of a shirt and we headed out for a light breakfast. Kris called the barbershop and as luck would have was closed for renovations!!! Arghhh!  :-( Kelly is staying in town to shop while we head to Hendon RAF Museum in Colindale. 

We jumped the tube just outside the hotel and after a transfer at Euston, headed north to the town of Colindale.  On arrival at the station it was an easy 10 minute walk before we were in the door of the museum.

Lots of great history and a great collection of various aircraft. The Dambuster story and presentation was particularly good and I really enjoyed the display. In the back of one area I came across former  CF-BXO of Queen Charlotte Airlines fame. This is the only surviving example of a Supermarine Stranaer. It plied the skies of the west coast of Canada from 1947 to 1952 . A highlight for me personally as I have read numerous books on the history of aviation on the coast and this plane was in every one of them. I took lots of pictures and will post a few of the day here. I'll get a picassa photo album started as well once I get the time ;-)
Stranaer Flying Boat

A few detail.

DH Mosquito

Messerschmitt BF 105

Supermarine Spitfire

DH Chipmunk

Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka" Dive Bomber

Kelly was in contact via text and was shopping at Selfridges. She was on her way back from shopping while Kris and I did lunch at the Chequers Tavern. We then split up as he went on the hunt for a shirt & belt for his new suit while I waited for Kelly's arrival.  Kelly and I strolled St James Park and after dropping the shopping off at the hotel, we all headed to Buckingham Palace for walkabout.

Outside our hotel :-) Actually we are a short walk away so that part is true.

Part of Canada Gate
Dinner was at Tiger Green this evening and it was very nice. A little more high end than the pubs we have been used to but we wanted to send Kris off with a good meal ;-)

After dinner we walked around a bit and then said goodbye to Kris as he heads home to Victoria in the morning. It's now time to relax and ready for tomorrows activities.... oh yes... High Tea at Harrods.

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