Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes well it's Cape Town now!!

Kelly and I are on route to Cape Town as I type out my last days blog report. Just so busy yesterday with the Finals of the World Championships now behind us. We now transition to holiday mode once again :-)

On arrival we transferred via bus from the plane to the main terminal. The air’s moisture was immediately noticeable and we both sensed a common link to our own home town environment!

We grabbed our bags and headed out to the main arrivals area. We had arranged for an airport transfer to the Blackheath Lodge and we scoured the various paper signs that the limo drivers held up... nothing... then we spotted the guy with the Ipad.  “The Reaville Party” was clearly displayed in large Ariel font:-) Oh yeah!

We were taken upstairs and a car quickly arrived to take us to our B&B. The driver was very nice and she gave us a little tour of the beachfront area as we came into the town. Very nice area.

We were brought to the front door where one of our hosts Charle met us. The bags were taken away and we were given a tour of building and it’s amenities... honor bar, pool & patio area, eating area etc. and then taken to our room #3.

Very comfortable!

Soda the cat checks out Kelly checking out the patio & pool.
Reminded us of home... but bigger waves:-)
They showed us how everything worked and gave us a porsonal cell phone with numbers programmed in for cabs, front desk, police, ambulance etc... nice touch. We quickly changed into shorts and sandals and headed three short blocks down to the waterfront. It felt great to be in such a moist climate as the huge surf pounded the foreshore. As it was Sunday the place had lots of children playing and dogs of every size and type.

We strolled along the waterfront enjoying the misty air and the spectacular coastal views. As we also Geocache, we picked picked of a few nano’s (very small micro caches) along the way. We worked our way back to the lodge and had a beverage by the pool area. All very nice!
Big waves here!
Great views!
They had made reservations for us at a local restaurant called Pepenero so we got changed and grabbed a cab down thinking it would be farther away. It was basically  at the end of our earlier walk! LOL the cab fare was $3 Canadian and we laughed as we arrived.

Dinner was excellent and I enjoyed a nice sushi platter while Kelly had the sole. I felt a little bit sad that Michi was unable to eat any Japanese food while we were in Henley on Klip so I took one for the team :-)

After dinner, on recommendation of the Blackheath staff, we took a cab home after dark. Funny thing is the driver was new and didn’t really know the lodge location that well. I gave him directions to the door:-)

We headed for bed and looked forward to Mini driving around Signal Hill and beyond the next day!

Kelly checks out our ride for Monday's sightseeing! Top is going down!

Love the plate #.

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