Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cape Town Day 5

Lazy morning for me as Kelly heads for coffee and her breakfast. I am a bit slow today as I wake up. Messaging with Marc Wolffe regarding afternoon plans as we hope to meet up for a local tour around the town.

Breakfast done, everyone showered and off we went to the famous V&A Waterfront Mall. 266 shops catering to every woman's fancy... And a couple of men's shops to... iStore, men's clothing etc.

We split up and then cruised the mall scoping out a couple eateries for lunch at the same timel. We hoped to run into the Jesky's here but never spotted them in the expanse of the mall :-) texting will have to do!

Kelly and I rendezvoused at noon and had a nice lunch at Willoughby's in the mall. After that it was back home as Marc will be stopping by to grab us. He arrived and we drove down the hill to the Winchester Mansion were the Jesky's are staying. We called up but no one was around... they had a tour in the morning. We left and after driving a couple kilometers got a text from Tim saying that they were home now and could they come? Marc wound around a traffic circle and we were in front in short order. We loaded up and Marc did his best impression of a tour guide:-)
Marc's plane hauler conveniently turns into a 7 passenger van! Who knew!
 He took us out west to the Otto De Plessis Drive for some great views of both Table Mountain and the adjoining mountains. Incredible site! We found a geocache nearby and introduce everyone to our "other" hobby. We explained how it all worked and they thought it was pretty neat to find a cache.

Great view!
Tim gives a two thumbs up.
Marc drove us out towards the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station where we enjoyed an light snack and a refreshment at a local waterfront establishment. We headed back to town and Marc dropped off the Jesky's and came over to our lodge for a juice. He had to wait out the traffic so we had a good conversation about F3A and the recent worlds.

We thanked him and then headed downtown to the La Boheme resturant for our last dinner in Cape Town. Another great meal! We are batting a 1000:-)

Back to the BHL for our final sleep. We start our journey home tomorrow.

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