Friday, August 30, 2013

Good Bye Cape Town Day 6

Our last day in Cape Town as we start our long journey home. Kelly awoke in the night not feeling well and immediately blamed it on the beef carpaccio that we had at dinner... funny thing is I had a huge amount of the very same beef and I was fine :-) Must be a bug of some sort.

She tried to have some yogurt at breakfast but bowed out and went back to her bed.. poor thing. Our hosts at the Blackheath Lodge gave her some medicine but I walked down to the corner pharmacy called Clicks and picked up some Gravol and Gaviscon.
Outside the Blackheath Lodge

I started packing up and she awoke feeling slightly better. The lodge let us stay in our room until our pickup time at 13:00 so there was no rush. We finished up packing and our driver arrived to take us to the airport. Kelly was a trooper and we were soon onboard our flight to JNB (Johannesburg). We initially wanted to go direct to London but that privilege would cost another $800 on British Airways. We decided that the money was better spent on our 5 days in Cape Town and a short sit/transfer in JNB. We were right!
Kelly gets a snug from Soda.

Our flight up to JNB had a mechanical glitch (a brake temperature sensor that was giving erroneous temps to the flight crew) and for a while a return to the gate was a possibility. Luckily the sensor returned to normal and we departed to the cheers of the passengers! Hey we were cheering too!!
On our way.
A quick two hour flight and an arrival right over the Midvaal Raceway that hosted the World Championships the week before. A bit of walking, website updating and we once again loaded up the very same plane and we were off to London on the red eye flight. We changed our phone’s sim cards to our UK one we had purchased almost four weeks earlier so as not to be without data!! God forbid! :-)

Sleep came easy, especially for Kelly.

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