Monday, August 5, 2013

Suit's me fine. Day 2

Aug 5th  Very strange sleep as we swing into London time. Up at 1 am for a rollover and Facebook check then back to bed until 9 am. Shower/coffee/bus/tube and we are off at Green Park for breakfast.  Kris found "The Clarence" for breakfast and we plunged in like a bunch of vultures! The Guinness looked inviting but we decided to get breakfast out of the way first:-) Kris is getting a new suit measured up close by so that will be next on our daily adventure.  We are right down in the Mayfair area and our next hotel is located close by as well.

We had breakfast and headed to the men's fashion district on Jermyn Street and his favorite "suit shop" Charles Tyrwhitt. Sadly they did not have his size so off we went in search of a size 36 jacket:-) couple stores later he was greeted at the door and had a nicely fitted suit in under 20 minutes. Service was excellent and he was very impressed with Hackett of London tailors. A bit of tailoring to do and he will pick it up on Thursday afternoon.

With the suit ordered we headed off to a pub. Turns out shopping in London is most exhaustive on body fluids:-) 

Off to the British Museum of Science were we observed some incredible items. A command module from Apollo 10 was on display along with moon rocks and other space related items. Old steam engines,  airplanes, rocket engines, lathes, cars, tools, appliances... You name it!

Great items to view in the Science Museum!
We spent about an hour or so then headed to some shops and well, a local pub. Turns out touring museums can drain valuable fluids out of said tourist's body systems! Off to the Kensington area and yes, amazingly, we found another pub in between rain showers and spent the next couple hours replenishing fluids and planning our week's events. We toured around and went by the Royal Albert Hall.

Royal Albert Hall
Royal College of Music
 Couple of items are set in stone. Belfast Tour, Tower of London and of course Harrods for high tea on Saturday. We will also head to Hendon Royal Air Force Museum probably on Friday after we move into our downtown hotel.

We headed back to our airport hotel and crammed our way into the tube. Amazing how many people can fit inside that rail car during rush hour!

Great architecture!
Back at the hotel we cleaned up and walked down the street 4 minutes to the Three Magpies Pub to have dinner. It was very good and relatively inexpensive compared to the downtown eateries.   The hour was late so we headed back to the hotel and our beds. Hopefully no midnight wake ups tonight :-)

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