Saturday, August 10, 2013

High Tea at Harrods

A very lazy day as I updated websites and did a bit of "team"work for our next event in South Africa.

Kris text'ed us from the airport and he was on his flight for Vancouver. The loads were high and he was unsure if it would work out. Things always seem to work out his way :-)

Kelly and I headed out to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guards at 11:30... at 11:15 we could hear the booming drum corps as we walked beside Green Park. That's strange we thought.... on arrival at the palace it appeared as though the other 50,000 people knew the exact time of the guard swap.  Oh well it was a good idea at the time :-)

We walked up toward the Wellington Arch as we headed to Harrods. Stopped and saw the Artillery Monument for first world war veterans. This took us into Hyde Park as we strolled Princess Diana's Walk. 
Wellington Arch

Fountain in Hyde Park

Kelly enjoying the park... very nice place.
Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park
 We slipped over onto Knightsbridge and quickly found the main target for the afternoon... Harrods.  We had a look around the various departments and was amazed at the selection they offered. The "food court" for lack of a better name was incredible! Oyster Bar, Sushi Bar, Steak Bar, Champagne Bar... endless!

Off to the Georgian Room for our High Tea and although early, they seated us right away. The place quickly filled up and we were treated to an endless assortment of little sandwiches, scones and sweet treats... oh and the tea was very good as well :-)

Kelly enjoying her cuppa.

After the tea we headed down and did some shopping/looking and then hit the wall with the crowds. Time for a drink!!! We walked back towards the hotel and ended up at The Only Running Footman pub for a pint... it was nice as the place was quiet and no crowds this afternoon.

Half pint girl!
 Raised our feet for a couple hours back at the hotel room before heading out for a walk and dinner. Lots of people out in droves as the Saturday Night crowd invaded the downtown area. Kris missed some incredible sights :-)

Regent Street.

Regent Street at dusk.
Dinner was at the Caffe Concerto and it was nice and relaxed. Met some fellow Canadians at the table next to us and had a great conversation about travels for a couple hours.

Back to the hotel and it was time to prep for bed. My Iphone came alive with texts from Chad as both he and Agnes, along with Will Gross had just cleared security in Calgary and were getting on their flight to London. Michi should be showing up with them.

Just some of the usual cars parked in the area :-)


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